International Business Seminars

Flexible and as needed: International Business Seminars, select as needed from three product categories:

Classic two days, interactive, practical and group dynamic >>

Compact  five hours of intensive and condensed seminars at various locations in Germany. >>

In-house In-house training of staff and your teams, we hold sessions within your company. >>

Online-Learning Platform

With the Online-Learning Platform, adapted and customized to complement your chosen International Business Seminar, we provide you with interesting technical articles, informative training videos, work related translation glossaries and specialized business English vocabulary.

Language Placement Test

With the help of a  20-minute test  to assess your knowledge of the English language. This service is free for you with our cooperation partner Cornelsen.




International Business Seminar

For your convenience, we offer three different seminar formats to serve you.



Two full days with like-minded peers, during which you can concentrate entirely on learning without being distracted from your daily work. Interactive, practice-oriented and with an ever-growing group dynamic: the ideal path toward knowledge.

Duration: Two Days, Day One: 10:30 – Open-Ended, Day Two: 8:30 – 16:30



  • Multimedia (film clips, video-feedback, blogs, texts, etc.)
  • Practical learning exercises (business simulations, roll-playing, competence-specific group work and discussions, authentic work materials, etc.)
  • In many seminars, two trainers team up to introduce model communication sequences.


Attractive time management and advanced training techniques.

The fundamental skills and content from the Classic seminar, presented like in an in-house university: innovative, informative and practice-oriented.

Duration: Half-Day, 8:30 – 13:30 or 14:30 – 19:30

Features / Advantages

  • Continue your education without having to drastically change your work week or daily business. At the same time, set course for new paths and possibilities and set a signal for you and your whole company.
  • Ideal for getting acquainted with material in the subject of your choice. The seminar documents (including practical exercises, tips and checklists as well as reference material to consult in the future at work) give you a sense of security and the foundation to apply the newly learned competencies in English.
  • Shorter, less interactive and requires much less space than the two-day International Business Seminar / Classic.


At the beginning of each seminar, we determine the desires and expectations of our clients and thus work with them to implement corporate goals and professional requirements through concrete learning content and structures. This individual approach is our strength. Yet, at the same time, our seminars set forth clear and professional standards.

Duration: Two Days, Day One: 10:30 – Open-Ended, Day Two: 8:30 – 16:30


Features / Advantages

  • International Business Seminars / In-House bring workers from different departments together, and offer space for interdisciplinary communication, group processes and development of new stimuli.
  • In-House training helps international professionals and managers with little to no knowledge of German better understand your corporate culture.
  • To achieve an optimal knowledge of the company, we support learning partnerships, fostered from our seminars.
  • In a joint interview at the end of the seminar, we draw up a summary of the seminar course.
  • Our coaches and consultants are glad to keep in contact after the seminar to help with the development of the company, and they can also be booked for additional training days.
  • The Perfect Union: International Business Seminars & Business English Online-Platform
  • With the online learning platform, individually coordinated to your business and complementing the International Business Seminar you have chosen, we provide you with two cost-free months of interesting and specialized texts, informative educational videos, job-specific glossaries, reference material, and business English vocabulary.



Before starting the seminar, feel free to send us your company's relevant documents, so we can integrate your authentic work materials into the training. We are happy to translate your company's product, operations and promotional material into English, either before or after the seminar. You will thus be provided with documents matching your corporate identity and be able to apply them to your international marketing goals.

Please send your company-specific product and service documents in advance, so that we can work and practice with authentic materials in planning exercises and role-playing.

We would like to speak with management prior to the seminar, as well as with department heads of sales, marketing, engineering, in order to learn about corporate values, the company philosophy and product details, in order to incorporate this information into the seminar.
With all of our International Business Seminars, you can access, our Business English Online Learning Platform cost-free for two months. This provides you and your company with ideal preparation and follow-up for maximum success.



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Client Testimonials

"As a global company, it is imperative for us to confront our foreign partners and customers reliably and professionally, this applies to the dominance of business English. We therefore invest specifically in the training of our employees. (Petra Ross Petersen, Konvekta AG) read more

Participant Testimonials

"The International Business Seminar 'Controlling and Financial Reporting' was personally what I've always wanted: the opportunity to practice my existing professional English through conversation and seminar exercises and placing myself in situations where I would be better adjusted in my work." (R. Hilker, CFO EDEKA Hessenring) read more